The purpose of the Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine is to train future practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine through empowering them through practice and knowledge in functioning as primary, complementary, independent, or Integrative healthcare providers. The MSOM program enables our graduates to sit for the National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine licensing exam (NCCAOM) as well as apply the principles of Oriental Medicine to diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of patients while integrating into the modern healthcare system.

Our educational process involves three levels or stages of learning. The first level is knowledge acquisition. While we understand the challenge of this level with the intensive amount of information that must be learned and memorized, this stage provides the foundation of the next two levels. Stage two is the grounding and application stage of learning. At this stage, the foundational knowledge has been acquired and students are able to question to further their understanding of key concepts. This stage also emphasizes how the acquired knowledge is applied in practice. The third stage is the critical thinking stage. This stage emphasizes the synthesis of the first two stages where students begin to learn how to make judgments and decisions based on acquired and applied knowledge. It is during this stage where students transition from the role of student to practitioner.


    • Flexible, Academic Formats: Courses are offered every day of the week.
    • Provides a comprehensive understanding of the classical and theoretical foundations of the field of acupuncture and Integrative medicine
    • An academic and career focused program that considers trends in integrative medicine, the latest research available in the field of Integrative medicine, as well as the practical aspects of successful performance on the NCCAOM examination, culminating in the tools necessary to build a successful and meaningful post- graduation career as an acupuncture and Integrative Medicine practitioner. Distinctive faculty including renowned leaders from the field of Chinese medicine.


As the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and the concept of integrative medicine grows in acceptance within the United States and abroad, the need for professionals within the integrative medicine space will only continue to grow. Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine practitioners will play a critical role in the practical healing of patients as well as serving as leaders within the field.

As students of the MSOM program, the lessons gained from our faculty members will provide you with the domain expertise and specialized training necessary to effectively care for your future patients while exhibiting the knowledge and skill to succeed as a specialist within the integrative health field.


Take one look around our Fairfax, VA campus and you will see a reflection of the broad spectrum of cultures and perspectives that constitute complementary and alternative medicine. Students choose to pursue their academic pursuits at the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine from nearly every continent across the globe bringing with them a unique level of experience.


The Virginia University of Integrative Medicine continues to cultivate its relationships with the academic and healthcare community of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan region and across the globe. These partnerships will serve to provide experiential opportunities serving patient populations outside of the campus clinic environment while also providing a glimpse into the career opportunities available following graduation.


As a graduate student at VUIM, you’ll have many opportunities to explore and develop the next step in your academic or professional career – one that’s right for you. VUIM Student Affairs Office offers a wide range of resources to help you define your academic and professional goals, including the pursuit of further academic opportunities to the founding of independent and individual practices or employment within local group practice offices.


Whether you come to us from across the beltway or halfway across the world, your student experience will be defined by much more than coursework. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in on-campus student sponsored events, community service and outreach, as well as forging your own path through the creation of new traditions you may want to propose to your fellow classmates and the University’s administration.

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